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Voice Disorders

Problem Voice

Problem Voice Voice Disorders What is a Normal Voice? Everyone’s voice is part of their personality and unique like finger printing. A “normal voice” is one that is pleasing to the ear, has a balance of sound through the mouth and nose, and matches a person’s size, age and gender. …

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Spasmodic Dysphonia

Spasmodic Dysphonia What is spasmodic dysphonia (Stiff voice or tight voice)? Spasmodic dysphonia is a chronic long-term voice disorder with movement of the vocal cords is forced and strained resulting in a jerky, quivery, hoarse, tight or groaning voice. Vocal interruptions or spasms, periods of no sound (aphonia) and periods …

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Puberphonia: Female Voice in Males What is a normal voice change? When a young man is reaching the age of 13 or more, his voice would be changed to become a more “manly” voice, dropping down the pitch to the male voice range. Adam’s apple will become evident anatomically, making …

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Androphonia: Male Voice in Females Androphonia is abnormally low pitched voice less than 100Hz like male voice in females.The pitch can be raised to female level by voice feminizing surgery and voice rehabilitation. Voice feminization has been developed and performed with new endoscopically surgical techniques, vocal fold shortening and retrodisplacement …

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