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Doctor’s Profile

Voice Surgeon

Dr. Vinnakota Sriprakash MS

SUMMARY: Specialist Voice Surgeon

best voice specialist doctor in IndiaFellowship in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery at University of Graz, Austria.
Micro Ear Surgery and Cochlear Implant Surgery Training at House Ear Institute, Los Angeles, USA.
Cochlear Implant Surgery training by Cochlear Americas in Denver, USA and by Advanced Bionics, Valencia, USA.
Snoring Surgery, Bergen, Norway
Nose Cosmetic Surgery (Rhinoplasty)
Voice Surgery

15 years of experience as Consultant ENT surgeon at various hospitals of Hyderabad. Working as Senior Consultant ENT Microsurgeon, MicroCare ENT Hospital & Research Institute, Hyderabad since June 2004 to till date.

Hospital Affiliations:

Specialist Voice Surgeon and Chief Consultant ENT Specialist Microsurgeon at MicroCare ENT Hospital & Research Institute, Hyderabad
Honorary Consultant ENT Surgeon at Yashoda Hospital, Somajiguda, Hyderabad
Honorary Consultant ENT Surgeon, American Oncology Institute, Hyderabad
Visiting consultant in Maxcure Hospitals

First and Only non-American ENT surgeon trained by Cochlear Americas, USA (2007)
Only Indian ENT surgeon trained by COCHLEAR AMERICAS, USA and ADVANCED BIONICS, USA. (2007)


FELLOWSHIP in ENDOSCOPIC SINUS SURGERY at UNIVERSITY OF GRAZ, AUSTRIA Successfully completed Fellowship in Rhinology, Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and Skull Base Surgery at the ENT department of the Medical School of the University at Graz, Austria from March 17th, 2008 to March 27th, 2008 under Proff H. Stamberger who is pioneer in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery


Participated in Visiting Physician Programme, numerous scientific and clinical meetings, Grand roundsand observed surgeries at St.Vincents Medical Center and patient care at House Clinic from March to April 2007 under famous

ENT surgeons Dr. Jose Fayed, M.D., Dr. Mark S. Schwartz, M.D., Dr. William H. Slatery, M.D., Dr William M. Luxford, M.D., Dr. Rick A Freidman, M.D., Dr. Antonio De La Cruz M.D., Dr Darald E Brackmann M.D., Dr. M. Jennifer Derebery. M.D., Dr. John W. House, M.D., Dr. Hitselberger M.D.

House Ear Institute is world leading Ear Clinic and Research Institute, two organizations under one roof, making a difference in lives of children with Hearing loss in Los Angeles, USA with an environment of Argon Laser, Zies Microscopes, video monitors, Facial Nerve Monitor, BERA, Impedance Audiometry, cochlear Implants, Brainstem Implants and Research in Hearing Science.


Successfully completed FREEDOM NUCLEUS COCHLEAR IMPLANT SURGICAL ONE ON ONE TRAINING using the Freedom Contour Advance Array as well as Freedom Straight Array at COCHLEAR AMERICAS, DENVER, COLORODO, USA on 17th April, 2007.


Successfully completed ADVANCED BIONICS HIRES 90K, 1j, HELIX COCHLEAR IMPLANT SURGICAL TRAINING at ADVANCED BIONICS, Valencia, California, USA on 18th April, 2007.


A leading ENT Hospital in and around Kukatpally with full-fledged equipment and advanced surgeries being done including OP procedures, Diagnostic Endoscopy and all types of surgeries including Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Micro Ear Surgery, Phonosurgery, Thyroid Surgery, Nose Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Surgeries. It is now upgraded to ENT Super Speciality International hospital with 18 ENT super specialities and 50 bedded infrastructure with standard norms of hospital.


Vast experience of treating Voice problems. He has done thousands of voice surgeries for different voice problems.

Vast experience of Advanced Techniques in ENT – Hearing Restoration Reconstructive Surgeries like Stapedotomy, Tympanoplasty, Ossiculoplasty, BAHA and Cochlear Implantation, Neurotology, Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Endoscopic DCR, Phonosurgery, Micro laryngeal Surgery, LASER Surgery, Radio Frequency Surgery, Thyroid Surgery, Snoring Surgery, Facial Plastic Surgeries and Nose cosmetic surgery.
Trained to lead Cochlear Implant Team
Trained in all types of ENT surgeries at various ENT institutes all over world by participating in more than fifty workshops and conferences


Impact India Foundation Special Appreciation Award (2000)
Dr.G.S.V. Prasad Micro Ear Surgery Fellowship Award (2001)
Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award (2011)


Life member in Association of Otolaryngologist of India
Life member in Association of Otolaryngologist of India, Hyderabad branch
Life Member in Indian Society of Otology
Life Member in Association of Phonosurgeons of India
Life member in Indian Medical association of India


18th AP State ENT Conference cum Live Surgical Demonstration workshop of AOI at Warangal, AP. (November)
Septorhinoplasty Workshop at Govt. ENT Hospital, Koti, Hyderabad, AP
Worked for the LIFE LINE EXPRESS of Impact India Foundation at Manuguru, AP( April200
Otology& Temporal Bone Dissection Workshop at Medwin Hospitals, Hyderabad, AP.(August, 2000)
Workshop on ENT Surgeries at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, AP. (July, 2000)
Basic and Advanced Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course, FESS-2000 at Chinnammal ENT, Medical Education & Research Foundation, Chennai (July 2000)
Head& neck Surgery Workshop-2000 at Govt. ENT Hospital, Koti, Hyderabad, AP. Conducted by AOI, Hyderabad branch ( September 2000)
Rhinoplasty Workshop at Govt. General Hospital, Guntur, AP. (October 2000)
9th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Otology ISOCON- 2000, at Hyderabad, AP (November 2000)
Twelfth National Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course at Metro Multi Specialty Hospital, Noida, UP (January 2001)
National Conference AOICON-2001 at Chandigahr (January 2001)
Live Temporal Bone Dissection and Ear Surgery Workshop at Basavanagudi ENT Care Centre, Bangalore, Karnataka (February 2001)
Workshop on Basic Surgical Techniques of Otolaryngology at Medwin Hospitals, Hyderabad, AP. (July 2001)
20th AP State Conference of AOI at Kurnool (September 2001)
Laser in Otolaryngology, Head& Neck Workshop at Govt. ENT Hospital, Koti, Hyderabad, AP (November 2001)
Workshop in Otology and Micro Ear Surgery at Medwin Hospitals, Hyderabad, AP (December 2001)
Workshop on Basics of FESS at Aparna Hospital, Warangal, AP (December 2001)
54th Annual Conference of the Association of Otolaryngologist of India at Bangalore (January 2002)
16th All India Temporal Bone Workshop by Madras ENT Research Foundation, Chennai, TN (March 2002)
Oto neuro 2002 Course at Govt. ENT Hospital, Koti, Hyderabad, AP (May 2002)
Basic/ Advanced ENT Live Surgical Workshop at Singari ENT Hospital & Research Centre, Vijayawada, AP( July 2002)
4th Sinus Endoscopic Society of India Conference, SESICON 2003, Hyderabad, AP (November 2003)
Live Workshop on Basic Surgical Techniques in ENT, AOI, Warangal Branch December ( 2004)
57th AOICON-2005 The Association of Otolaryngologist of India Annual Conference, Hyderabad, AP (January 2005)
Indian Medical Association Regional Conference Zone 2- Karimnagar, AP (August 2005)
Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery Workshop at NIMS, Hyderabad, AP (September 2005)
19th RHONOCON-2006 All India Rhinology Society, Hyderabad, AP (July 2006)
FESS workshop, AOI, Hyderabad branch, Hyderabad, AP (July2007)
National Live Basics in Phonosurgery Workshop, Medwin Hospitals, Hyderabad, AP (September 2007)
AOI Hyderabad Branch & Vasavi ENT Institute 12th Workshop on Advanced Techniques in FESS, Hyderabad, AP (October 2007)
16th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Otology ISOCON- 2007, Hyderabad, AP( November 2007)
2nd Cochlear Implant Update 2007at PD Hinduja National Hospital & Research Centre (December 2007)
Workshop on Laser Surgeries of Larynx and Head& Neck Lesions at Indo-American Cancer Institute& Research Centre, Hyderabad, AP (February 2008)
17th Annual conference of Indian Society of Otology (ISOCON-20008) at Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi (November 2008)
Rhinoplasty and Facial Rejuvenation Workshop 2010 at Poona Hospital and Research Centre, Pune (February 2010)
17th Workshop on Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, 11th to 13th February, 2011, Hyderabad, India
American School for Continuing Medical Education Certificate, “Rhinosinusitis in Adults”, University of Michigan Medical School on 07/ 10/2009
American School For Continuing Medical Education Certificate, “Rhinitis: Intervention for Inflamed Nose”, University of Michigan Medical School on September23, 20009.
American School for Continuing Medical Education Certificate, “Updating the Evidence on Allergic Rhinitis Management”, University of Michigan Medical School on September23, 20009


Martial Arts
Kungfu- Black Belt
Karate- Black Belt


Post-Graduation in M.S. ENT (OTOLARYNGOLOGY) from Kakatiya Medical College, Warangal, A.P, India
M.B.B.S. in Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad, A.P, India Dr .NTR University of Health Sciences
INTERMEDIATE in A.P. Residential Junior College, Nagarjuna Sagar, A.P, India Board of Intermediate Education
S.S.C in St.Joseph High School, Nagarjuna Sagar, A.P, India