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Voice Therapy

Scope of Voice Therapy

What is Voice Therapy? Voice Therapy is a mode of treatment for a patient with a voice disorder, which includes: A vocal hygiene program Relaxation and breathing techniques Exercises for strengthening the vocal cords   What does a voice therapist do? The voice therapist provides the behavioral mode of treatment. …

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Care of Professional Voice

Nothing can surpass the ability of the voice to convey expression. Most professionals, who use their voice for a living, seek help for voice changes, vocal fatigue, anxiety, throat tension or pain at some point of time in their life. These symptoms must be quickly diagnosed and effectively treated to …

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Voice Care Tips

How the Voice problems can be prevented? Voice hygiene techniques play a greater role. Some simple tips to improve your vocal health Drink plenty of water- take sips of water whole day to keep your throat wet, water acts as a lubricant to your vocal cords Avoid reflux triggers like …

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High Performance Voice Training

Voice clinics for voice problems The MicroCare Voice Clinic is one of the only centres in the country that provides High Performance Voice Training. High Performance Voice Training is a unique service for singers, actors, dubbing artists, broadcast journalists and other professionals whose careers demand the most of their voice. …

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