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Laryngeal Frame Work Surgery

Thyroplasty: This is a technique where the function of the vocal cords can be modified by changing their position and tension, without actually opening the larynx. There are four types:

Type I: One vocal cord is pushed towards the other cord (medialized), by inserting a graft or implant into the tissue of the vocal fold through the corresponding side of the thyroid cartilage. Type I Thyroplasty is useful in hoarse voice due to Single vocal cord paralysis mostly after thyroid operations.

Type II: Here, the anterior part of the thyroid cartilage is cut vertically and a silicon implant of suitable size is inserted, so as to move the vocal cords away from each other (lateralization).
This procedure is useful in the treatment of such disorders as spasmodic dysphonia and paralysis of both vocal cords

Type III and IV thyroplasty are procedures which shorten or lengthen the vocal folds respectively and are used to change the pitch of the voice. It is a useful method In correcting female voice in males or in male voice in females

The interesting part in these surgeries is as these procedures are done under Local Anaesthesia; the patient can talk during the operation and also find improvement of the voice instantaneously.