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RF Voice Surgery

Radiofrequency surpassed the Laser in Technology and efficiency now.
700% less lateral damage than Laser

Radio Frequency                                                                                          Laser
More precise cutting and coagulation                                                         Less precise
Self-control of coagulation depth                                                                 Less control
700% less lateral damage                                                                               More lateral damage

Radio Frequency Assisted Laryngeal Surgery:
MicroCare ENT Hospital & Research Institute is the one among few ENT hospitals in the world to treat voice problems with Radio Frequency. Along with other advanced ENT equipment, Radio frequency has become a feather in ENT armamentarium esp. for the treatment of voice problems

Superior Advantages in ENT:
High Frequency Low Temperature Radiosurgery Technology
• Less collateral tissue damage
• Quick healing, enhanced post-operative results
• Cuts without exerting any pressure
• Pinpoint coagulation
• Bacteria free incision
• Less surgical trauma
• Bloodless & Scarless Incision
• No need of ground contact or skin contact o antenna plate

What are indications of Radio surgery in voice problems?
Granulomas, Papillomatosis, Cysts, Biopsy, Vocal Cord Polyps,
Posterior Cordectomy, Glottic and subglottic angioma,
Laryngeal tumour obstruction, Laryngeal Biopsy

What are advantages of Radio surgery in Voice treatment or voice surgery?
• Quick and efficient Coagulation
• Automatic limiting of penetration depth
• Reduced perforation risk
• Minimized risk of injuries to larynx structures
• No carbonization
• Mini invasive surgical procedure
• Simple process