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Voice Care Tips

How the Voice problems can be prevented?
Voice hygiene techniques play a greater role. Some simple tips to improve your vocal health

  • Drink plenty of water- take sips of water whole day to keep your throat wet, water acts as a lubricant to your vocal cords
  • Avoid reflux triggers like spicy foods, alcohol
  • Avoid airborne irritants like smoking
  • Avoid abuse or misuse of voice like yelling
  • Avoid throat clearing
  • Avoid drugs which cause throat drying like aspirin or anti allergic drugs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Some tips for Singers
  • Do some easy physical warm-ups before vocalizing
  • Begin with five minutes of humming
  • Begin vocalizing only in the middle voice and gradually and cautiously extend the range up and down
  • Always “warm-down” after singing or performing, particularly after strenuous singing using easy humming exercises, etc
  • Never whisper! Use a quiet, well-supported head voice

WHO guidelines
According to world Health Organization, persistent change of voice for more than 3weeks should be immediately attended to exclude throat (vocal Cord) cancer.

WORLD VOICE DAY – Every year on April 16th