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Puberphonia: Female Voice in Males

What is a normal voice change?
When a young man is reaching the age of 13 or more, his voice would be changed to become a more “manly” voice, dropping down the pitch to the male voice range.

Adam’s apple will become evident anatomically, making his vocal cords longer and the pitch lowers (child voice of around 400Hz turns to a man voice of around 100 Hz).

This is a normal outcome of the hormonal changes in the body during maturity.


What is Puberphonia?
The persistence of adolescent voice even after puberty in the absence of organic cause is known as Puberphonia. Some adolescent boys when do not go through the normal change of their voice to male voice and produce high-pitched voice, a “womanly” voice of around 200 Hz. This womanly voice and their appearance and behaviour are of a young male makes their social encounters very embarrassing.


How can we diagnose Puberphonia?
The affected men are asked to take hormonal blood test. Hormonal malfunction will be treated adequately first to give them an adequate hormones to produce the needed adulthood changes.

Then ENT surgeon will evaluate his vocal cords with Direct video laryngosopy and and strobosopy to know any other diseases or anatomical malfunctions and to see if anything could be done surgically.

Then Voice Therapist evaluates the voice, breath support techniques and vocal output habits.


How do we treat Puberphonia?
Our specialist Voice surgeons and Voice Therapists work on the best modality suitable for the patient and decide upon the treatment.

Specially designed pitch changing techniques will be used by voice therapists. Voice therapy gives excellent results in 80% of cases.

Phonosurgery Correction of female voice in males (Type-III Thyroplasty) may be done to get immediate results and in persistent cases. Type-III Thyroplasty the choice of surgery done under local anaesthesia while the person is awake and speaking with the voice surgeon. It is just like tuning the frequency of musical instrument but on the operating table. The surgical correction of female voice in males is usually indicated when the conventional treatment of voice therapy failed or in patients who are reluctant to voice therapy or in whom it is there for many years.

Results of Phonosurgery Correction of female voice in males are more than 98% success in our hands.

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