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Highly specialized form of voice preserving phonosurgery done to improve voice (phonosurgery) using microsurgical techniques and highly magnified structural views in order to provide microscopic details (microsurgery)

Recent Advances
Increased understanding of voice function, new instrumentation and technology has allowed Phonomicrosurgery to become an effective treatment option. High end technology like Storz operating video laryngoscopes, three chip cameras, laryngal debriders and Artrocare coblator probes to perform the most precise surgery on the delicate organ, the larynx.

Phonomicrosurgery is done for patients with certain voice disorders that are due to vocal fold abnormalities and that has not responded to medical or voice therapy.

Professional voice users like singers, teachers, lawyers, actors etc. who uses their voice hours together at varying pitch are at risk of developing these vocal fold lesions which are benign and due to vocal cord trauma.

Many of patients with these benign lesions benefit from specialized voice therapy and improved vocal hygiene. However, for those who are no longer able to meet their professional voice demands, Phonomicrosurgery or voice preserving surgery to remove these vocal nodules, polyps or cysts.