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High Performance Voice Training

Voice clinics for voice problems

The MicroCare Voice Clinic is one of the only centres in the country that provides High Performance Voice Training. High Performance Voice Training is a unique service for singers, actors, dubbing artists, broadcast journalists and other professionals whose careers demand the most of their voice. Anyone who needs to do public speaking, whether it’s on the air at a trade show, must have their voice tuned to its optimum performance.

We MicroCare Voice Clinic will perform an initial assessment of a patient’s voice and/or singing technique. An individualized plan is prepared based on the assessment.

Singers especially can benefit from High Performance Voice Training. Our expert voice therapist will provide services specifically tailored to your needs including:

  • Optimization of support
  • Efficient phonation
  • Increase in vocal range and flexibility
  • Reducing strain to vocal chords from challenging vocal material
  • Strengthening exercises improve vocal stamina and decrease vocal fatigue.