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Phono Surgery

Voice Surgery or Phonosurgery

What is phonosurgery?
The term “phonosurgery” refers to any surgical procedure, performed with an aim to improve the voice. . There are different surgical procedures available at MicroCare ENT Hospital for the treatment of voice disorders. These include laryngeal framework surgery and Phonomicrosurgery and Flexible Endoscopic Laryngeal surgery.

Phonomicrosurgery is performed with good effect for various laryngeal pathologies.  These include pathological lesions like:
• Vocal nodules, polyps, vocal cord cysts, papillomas, angiomatous lesions and Reinke’s oedema
• recessed lesions like sulcus vocalis
• Leucoplakia and intramucosal cysts

Malignancy- effective treatment for early stages of laryngeal cancer

Phonomicrosurgery is an excellent method in the treatment of Singers